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The Signature Style
30 Day Image Revolution

The Signature Style 30 Day Image Revolution is a 4 week on-line coaching program consisting of over 4 hours of one-on-one training sessions, 4 unique weekly style challenges, a personal stylist and a complete image makeover.
Once you complete this program, you will feel beautiful, have more self -confidence and stand out so you can get a new promotion or close more sales for your business.

Stop trying to “keep up with the Kardashians” and learn what truly makes you stand out, look beautiful and be yourself in excellence.
By following and implementing my time-proven 4 step process you’ll feel beautiful in everything you wear, feel confident in your style choice and know exactly what looks good on you.

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•New Full Outfits you love,  Including Shoes and Accessories (purchased by client)
•Shopping Empowerment
•New Clothes that Fit Your Body Perfectly
•Confidence in What You Wear ad How To Wear
•Determine Your Signature Colors
•Signature Style Solutions
         Bonus #1- 1 month Stylist on Demand
         Bonus #2- Makeup application eye chart

Signature Style
Image Revolution Guide

This is a 52 page full color image guide. This self -paced book is accompanied with limited email support for your success. Follow along in the style guide to learn the following:

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•Finding Your Signature Style and Fashion Personality
•Determine Your Signature Colors
•Finding and Fitting Your Body Silhouette
•Finding Your Focal Points -Show off Your Best Feature-Your Face
•Makeup Tips
•Signature Style Solutions-Camouflaging Figure Challenges
•Art of Accessorizing
•Simple Steps to Having a Wardrobe You Love
Avoid Purchasing Clothes You Never Wear

On Demand

About the Program:
Stylist On Demand helps you wear with confidence the clothes you already own. It’s a collaborative online program which comes with your own Virtual Closet (that only you can see!), stylist-curated outfit suggestions, and one-on-one support from your own professional stylist-ME!

You’ll get everything you need to get control of the chaos in your closet. It’s easy to update your own Virtual Closet as you buy new pieces. And I create new outfits every month! When you go shopping, you’ll have suggestions from me right on your phone so you know what to look for. No more time wasted shopping!

When you sign up for Stylist On Demand, you’ll get access to:

Virtual Closet: photographs of each piece of clothing (including accessories and shoes!) in your closet. Each piece is organized into appropriate categories—jackets, tops, dresses, etc.—so you know exactly what you have.

LookBook: Using your Virtual Closet, your personal stylist will create outfit combinations based on what you already own. That way, you can view all possible outfits at a glance. No need to try anything on in order to decide what to wear! You can leave feedback such as, “Love it! Great for work events” or “Shirt rides up, need to find a replacement” so you and your stylist can plan accordingly in the future.

Finds: Going shopping? Check your Finds for suggestions from your personal stylist. She’ll provide great suggestions on what to purchase that’ll work well with what you already own. If you’re debating what to buy, leave it in your Finds and your personal stylist will leave comments on whether it works for what you already own.

Ongoing Support: Skype or call me. You’ll get two 15-minute consultations and can add more calls as needed as well as email and text support. Out shopping, send me a text and I can help you on the spot! 

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The Tease - monthly subscription

Whether you’re just starting out or if you’re a long-time client, you’ll love having ongoing access including two virtual styling outfits and one 15-minute Skype/Zoom session per month with me. Help is always at your fingertips for less than a dollar a day, which makes this addiction even more attractive. Includes Virtual Closet

Yearly subscription

Over $100 savings