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Let me start off by saying that my wardrobe was extremely lacking, and after having a baby I just wasn't sure what to wear anymore. In come Tara! She gave me a little homework before our first visit to go through my closet to weed out things that are old, stained, out dated, or just don't fit. I was so nervous going in to our first visit! I was sure I'd end up with an empty closet. Let's face it... we have all seen the reality tv shows where the stylists come in and you literally have 1 pair of socks left! But... This was completely opposite! Like a creative genius (because she is) Tara started pulling things and putting them together! Complete outfits! I was so shocked, and I felt so good in what she was putting together! I was simply amazed at how she could get things I already owned to look so different!

She armed me with a few tools to help me, and photographed every outfit to put in my style library. Life is so easy now when I need inspiration...I open my app and just scroll through the outfits she put together! It's like Magic!

Our second visit was a shopping trip! Ladies... This trip is what you have been "training" your entire life for! The shopping sprees I've gone on in the past could never compare to this trip with Tara! She has a great eye for clothes and your body type, and best of all...she can help you accomplish it all within your budget! I walked into the mall feeling nervous and frumpy. I walked out feeling ready to take on the world!

I just can't say enough about how wonderful she is! My husband was also thrilled at my new looks! Thank you so much Tara for helping me regain some of my confidence post baby!

Melissa Cox

Tara was a delight to work with. Leading up to the event, she was proactive in communicating about logistics, giving our staff confidence that the event would go smoothly. She even arrived a little early on the day of to ensure everything was running properly. She engaged our audience in conversation leading up to the presentation and delivered her insights with confidence, humor and enthusiasm. Not only was she easy and fun to listen to, she shared practical takeaways that our audience can put to use. If you’re looking for an innovative, personable speaker, I highly recommend Tara Hooper with The Style Signature.  

Elizabeth Thresher Garner

Dallas personal stylist, image consultant and executive presence consultant. Effective communicator. Transformation queen. Confidence creator. Those are just a few of the titles Tara holds. She has the tools you’ve been looking for, and she uses each one to help her clients shine in every aspect of their image, both personally and professionally.

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What Is Your Style Signature?

Each of us has a style, or fashion personality, that we are most comfortable with. A fashion personality should be looked at as exactly that - a personality. It can be dynamic, expressive, daring, anything you want it to be! My task as your image consultant is to help you figure out your fashion personality and how to make it work for you.

The most common problem clients mention is figuring out how to spruce up their style, and which look is appropriate for which event. Our Fashion Personality Quiz helps determine the type of look that you’re drawn to, and how to assess your particular needs based on your goals.

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Each of us has a signature style that we are most comfortable with. It can be dynamic, expressive, daring, or anything you want it to be. My task as your image consultant and personal stylist is to help you discover
your style and make it work for you.
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