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Keynote Topics

Ready to give your organization a little gold?

Book Tara to speak at your next event. Your audience will be enlightened, challenged and motivated about the importance of image, communication, confidence and profitable presence. Whether for a keynote, breakout session or webinar, Tara’s refreshing messages are custom designed, delivering valuable, results-oriented tools that will help grow credibility – the extra profits you’ll likely gain will just be the icing on the cake.

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Program and Coaching Ideas

Awaken Your Influence is an inspirational narrative about overcoming the challenges of abuse, negative self-talk, and poor body image. Through this empowering conversation, Tara shares her own personal story, shedding light on how to conquer the voices that tell us we are “less than.”

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You are about to go on a journey of identifying and stepping outside your persona; then you’ll break down the barriers of how you are perceived by others. Finally, you’ll be able to be fully appreciated and seen in your authentic, powerful presence.

Awaken Your Influence is a story that every woman will connect with, as almost all of us battle the demons that negatively affect our self-esteem, our confidence, and ultimately our success.

You have heard of "Dress for Success" ? Well ask yourself is how your employees dress costing you clients?

When you book Tara to enlighten your team on the benefits of wardrobe and branding in the corporate arena, you’ll get an in-depth presentation where your team will be taught how to gauge another company’s brand and dress appropriately before they walk through the client’s doors.

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They’ll understand the benefits of speaking the visual language of their client, and they’ll feel confident and dressed for success every single time they leave your office. Tara’s presentations are fun and engaging, while leaving the audience with dozens of tips on how to enhance their image, communicate with confidence and make that killer first impression every time!


•How to avoid the 3 biggest image  mistakes that can seriously impact your bottom line

•Learn how to look the part  and connect with your ideal client, shorten the sales cycle and effectively maintain the company brand identity

•Understand levels of dress

•Professional Presence

Profitable professional presence is the ultimate-your whole package working for you, and is crucial to your brand identity. This is a great program for participants to get to know what profitable professional presence is, develop a strong brand identity and why they need it in their world.

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•Visually , Verbally, and Digitally communicate your presence with confidence 

•Create a visual signature that attracts your ideal client, conveys authority, gains notoriety in your presence and increase profit potential

•Understand the components of a successful profitable presence



It’s a known fact that many adults would rather have dental work done that present in front of others, but presenting doesn’t have to be painful for you. This workshop or one on one training will teach you the skills you need and show you how to be an effective presenter. From start to finish and everything in between including using presentation tools and lowering your anxiety, you’ll be ready to take the stage and keep their attention.

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•Creating clear, concise messaging

•Proper pacing, delivery, and voice.

•Appearance and wardrobe

•How to engage the audience in your personal style


Command and Influence your communication style. Miscommunication destroys teams, hinders how you are seen  and can cause lack of credibility. In this work shop or one on one training I will outline the key components of how to communicate succinctly and with influence. This will aid you in being a more effective team member or leader and gain more confidence and credibility.

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•Build harmonious relationships by communicating with tact, diplomacy and credibility

•Become familiar with the characteristics of a successful communications strategy.

•Understand implicit messages which are expressed through non-verbal behaviors.