90 day Image "Excelorator"

This 3-month private coaching experience will have ambitious professionals stop settling for mediocrity and start creating an image that portrays power, attracts premium opportunities, maximizes income, and makes you feel ridiculously confident.

Let’s not mince words...you’re successful

Not in a “has a nice job and a good personality” way. Nope. You’re the big fish. The mover. The shaker. The action taker. You don’t settle for “safe” or “just okay.”

Your resume is bursting at the seams with relevant experience. Your goals are set high, and you 100% know that you can achieve them. You receive a ton of praise from the people in your life because they know what you’re capable of accomplishing.

Yet, you feel like you’re missing that *spark* of confidence and it hurts, because you've done the research and the work to get noticed.

And yet, you're not getting the promotions, you're not connecting with people the way you expected or magnetizing people into your presence. You’re not attracting the premium opportunities. You are leaving money on the table. So what gives?

These issues are what I solve for my clients.

90 day "Excelorator"

Ideal if you are looking to:

  • Create long-term financial success and sustainability in your personal life and career
  • Command the room with confidence
  • Increase your influence and charisma both online and in-person
  • Propel yourself forward with your personal brand, strategic wardrobe, and profitable presence
  • Exude authority, maximize your income, and impact
  • Ready to level up and the sky is the limit
  • Confidently close those high-end deals or get that premium promotion
  • Realize your image is your CURRENCY

This is not for those who:
Don't want the spotlight
Are not ready to truly invest in themselves
Don't want to be held accountable for change

IF you are ready to make BIG changes and stop leaving money and opportunities on the table then!

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Confidence comes from more than just your image

Charisma. It’s that person in the room who charms the entire audience, commands attention without saying a word, and makes things happen *instantly*. You know one of these people. You study them. You wonder, what makes them so dang captivating?
It’s all in the way they communicate, present, tell stories, and speak.
Sure, what they look like and what they wear is part of the equation, but what they do is far more interesting.

The truth is, when you’re NOT effectively communicating through your image and actions, you may…

  • Get passed over for large promotions and C-suite titles (even with a perfect resume)
  • Feel insecure about how people perceive you daily
  • Walk into high-pressure situations without the necessary confidence to navigate them
  • Believe that you’re unattractive, boring, or not good enough
  • Wonder why you’re not able to draw everyone’s attention when you start speaking
  • Settle instead of reaching for the opportunities that keep you up at night
  • Shrink into yourself and not clearly convey all the awesome things you have to offer

You’re capable of way more. So let’s take every single one of those bullet points and put a big, fat X next to them as you blossom into your most confident self.

The Profitable Presence Performance Blueprint is not another fluffy styling package that focuses on putting you in the season’s hottest colors and newest prints or  coaching package that leaves you with unattainable goals.
It's far from it...

It's your...
Ticket to Big Opportunities

No one hires the person who’s only good on paper. Getting high-level promotions or catapulting to success takes an impeccable personal brand, a memorable personality, and a strong image.

Secret to Confidence

When you have a strong sense of self, you show up with more vigor. You believe in what you are capable of and spread that belief to those around you

Signature Communication Style

Your image is how you communicate with people, even when you’re completely silent. You need a presence, an energy, a vibe...and one that makes you stick in peoples’ minds.

Image = Communication

Humans are hardwired to value communication. How you look, speak, act and present yourself is your unique communication style. When you craft your communication to be effective and refined, you…

  • Feel attractive and carry yourself with more confidence
  • Save time by gaining clarity on how people perceive you based on your image
  • Trust yourself and go for the big opportunities that used to scare you
  • Have a renewed sense of self and approach life with more energy
  • Come across as charismatic, assertive, effective, and magnetic
  • Relate to people with ease and find joy in connecting with others
  • Stop fearing moments where you’re in front of very powerful people
  • Communicate succinctly, easily, and comfortably
  • Position yourself as a leader in both your personal and professional life

"Tara is amazing!  I’ve really enjoyed working with her.  She is extremely professional and knows her stuff.  I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to fine tune their presentation skills and professional image.  We all need to have know someone like Tara who is going to give honest feedback and constructive recommendations to improve ourselves both personally and professionally."


I'm so glad that I eventually met Tara after having worked with her husband several years ago.  We worked together during a 3-month consulting program where Tara helped with my communication skills which ultimately boosted my confidence and made me a better communicator.  Because I live in San Diego, we met weekly through face to face virtual meetings.  I would even consider this option if I lived near Tara as it was seamless and worked great for both of our busy schedules.  Being a professional who networks frequently, is involved in the community while trying to build my own clientele, the insight I received from Tara is invaluable.   Tara's approach is very customized and she tailors her services to best fit the person she is working with.  She does not try to make you into someone different.


Dallas Image Consultant and Presentation Coach Tara Hooper is amazing with people she brings out the best in them. She is so friendly , nurturing and teaches you to be yourself, yet be effective on the stage. She helped me with my speech content, public speaking, body language and executive presence. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs the professional edge. She is an awesome!!!!!


At work, have you been in situations where you end up digging a hole for yourself, instead of having a productive meeting? I was one of those who struggled in communicating with executive leadership, until I met Tara. Tara helped me reconstruct the image by providing extensive communications coaching. She gave me numerous tips beginning with realizing that I was going into a downward spiral and also navigating out of it. She communicated with the manager to receive feedback that aided in improvising further. With her guidance I am able to express my thoughts clearly, concisely, and distinctly, leading me to a promotion within 6 months of starting the coaching with her. In addition to communications coaching, Tara has helped me improve the professional image by completely redoing the wardrobe with some great pieces. I have recommended Tara to my husband and Sister-in-law, who have received and improved significantly in their professional communication skills.  In summary, Tara ROCKS! She really spends time to understand the needs, customizes the package and strives to get 110% results.

when we work together
Each program is customized to your unique needs and goals. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from applying to the Profitable Presence Performance Blueprint.
Define your auhtentic signature image

Whether you’re focused on it or not, you’re presenting yourself to the world every day. If your eye is on a high-level position, you have to look the part...but you can’t go all crazy to the point that no one even recognizes you. That’s why embracing your personality is pivotal when we’re elevating your style.
This looks like:

  • Polishing your appearance to position you for the job you want (not the one you have)
  • Aligning your image with your personality to create a consistent personal brand
  • Creating an iconic look that immediately pulls people in and makes you memorable
Create your strategic wardrobe

Stylish clothes and pretty colors are great, but it’s not enough to drop a thousand bucks on some trendy professional pieces at the mall and expect a complete 180. By strategically crafting a complete style, you’ll be able to get dressed quickly, maintain a consistent image, feel comfortable, flatter your body type, and look attractive each day.

This looks like:

  • Strategically planning out your look to complement your overall life goals
  • Shopping with quality in mind and ignoring fancy labels and good marketing
  • Creating a complete wardrobe to ensure your look is consistent and polished

Receive expert communication coach

People are watching you. And when they watch you, they’re making judgments and assumptions. How you speak, present, and carry yourself has major implications for how people perceive you. By learning how to communicate effectively, passionately, clearly, and succinctly - you can become someone that immediately draws the good kind of attention.

This looks like:

  • Giving you insight into your current communication style, then optimizing it
  • Teaching you the secrets to effective communication strategies
  • Helping you become the most interesting communicator in the room
Equip yourself with the tools to level up

Great style. Strong communication. A polished image. They’re all great, but each one is not strong enough to skyrocket your success. When we combine your image with your actions, that’s when the magic happens. And by magic, you can expect increased confidence, better body image, more influence, stronger boundaries, better presentation results, and more professional accomplishments.

This looks like:

  • Showing you how to step into your power and have more influence
  • Aligning your goals with the goals of the people you are looking to impress
  • Creating strategies that will equip you with everything you need for sustainable success

Hi, I’m Tara

Growing up, people made fun of me. Thunder thighs. Bubble butt. Unibrow. Moustache. Those are just a few of the things people would throw my way to make me feel insecure. And guess what? It worked. My confidence took a nose-dive.

Then one day, I got into pageantry and theater. As I stepped into my literal spotlight, I started to see that I was beautiful and confident. But man, was it a heck of a journey. Undoing the nasty words people threw at me was a slow, but rewarding process. Because afterward, I had a breakthrough.

Everyone picks themselves apart! Everyone sees the worst in themselves and their attractiveness. Whether you’re a CEO, executive, or model, focusing on your imperfections is normal. Even if everyone sees you as a badass, you can’t step into your best sense of self if you don’t believe it.

Now, I help successful individuals step into their own spotlight and shine a light on their greatness. By working together to optimize your communication style and polish up your image, you become a magnetic individual.

Because when you go from not believing in yourself to stepping into your most dynamic self, you attract abundance, opportunities, and success.

And that future self is calling out to you to come find them.

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Reinvigorating your image and communication style gives you energy, confidence, and charisma. Once you step into this version of yourself, you’ll wonder why you didn’t meet them sooner.”
Who the Profitable Presence Performance Blueprint is for
If Your are...

You worked your butt off and are proud of the person you’ve become. You have achieved success in your career and goals. Now you’re looking for that extra spark that takes you to the next level.


Staying the same and not accomplishing what you are capable of scares you. Growing and developing into a magnetic individual gives you excited butterflies. You’re 100% ready to blossom into a confident, energetic, and attractive person.


You’re not here to settle for an okay life. You want to make big moves, be your best self, and feel capable daily. You’re also ready to do whatever it takes to get there because *newsflash* sticking to the sidelines is not the person you’re trying to be.

Every day you stay stagnant is another day you let opportunities pass you by. You are a dynamic individual that deserves more. This is your chance to optimize your image and perfect your communication style. Then use your magnetic energy, renewed confidence, and signature charisma to attract everything you want into your life.

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90 day "Excelorator"

Ideal if you are looking to:

  • Create long-term financial success and sustainability in your personal life and career
  • Command the room with confidence
  • Increase your influence and charisma both online and in-person
  • Propel yourself forward with your personal brand, strategic wardrobe, and profitable presence
  • Exude authority, maximize your income, and impact
  • Ready to level up and the sky is the limit
  • Confidently close those high-end deals or get that premium promotion
  • Realize your image is your CURRENCY

This is for you IF you are ready to make BIG changes and stop leaving money and opportunities on the table!

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