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Whether you are needing some polishing in the personal or professional arena, we’ve got the tools to help you discover your very best in style, confidence and communication. We work with people who are tired of being overlooked and want to be comfortable in their own skin, while being confident in what they bring to the table.  We educate you on how to dress for your body type, shop with you, shop for you, and style you for success. We coach you on communication and stage presence. Corporately, we work with individuals or teams to teach workplace style, demeanor and effective presentation skills. If you want to find a new level of confidence, The Style Signature is the answer!

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Style Starter - 3 months

Invest In You Now

This is the start of your image journey.  This is for the individual that is looking to
start to broadening their image and communication savvy. Perhaps you have an upcoming interview, presentation or pitch needed to make an influential presentation in front of key decision makers. You need to make strong impression and communicate effectively.  During this three-month engagement, clients will benefit from image, wardrobe and communication skills, support, tools and accountability to begin their transformation.

Typical client results from investing in this program are:
  • Increased confidence
  • Defined personal style
  • Polished up to date appearance
  • Clear idea of what will make you look your very best

Game changer - 6 months

Invest In You Now

Six months of sweet success. This is for the person who wants more private access and guidance along the way. This program is geared for the person who understands that  the professional playing field is more competitive than ever, and it takes more than just looking good to achieve the overall results they desire.  They understand how they present themselves can be the difference between them and their competition.
This program is perfect for client facing professionals or emerging leaders who
want to project confidence to be effective leaders and be perceived as true experts.

Typical Client Results Include Results from The Style Starter Program PLUS:
  • Strategic wardrobe for your occasions
  • Clear idea of what makes you look your very best and what to avoid
  • Defined personal brand
  • Alignment with organization’s brand
  • Professional Presence
  • Communication style awareness

Transformation maker - 9 months

Invest In You Now

The program is for the professional go-getter who is looking for transformational
results to catapult their success rapidly.  Here, you can immerse yourself for twelve months while we groom, coach and transform you to be a leader that's prepared for any event, personality or opportunity that comes your way. You are talented and need to maximize your potential but lack the time, energy and expertise to refine and define your professional presence. This program is designed for long term sustainability. You are true leader in the making and this will fast track your success.

Typical Client Results Include Results from The Game Changer Program PLUS:
  • Strong online presence that is reflective of your personal brand
  • Ability to deliver your value proposition effectively
  • Long term sustainability and success
  • Understanding of your communication style and how to better communicate with others
  • Succinct communication
  • Increased influence and opportunities
  • Elevated executive presence    
The Customizer

Want a little bit of this and a little bit of that? We’re happy to customize a package that’s tailored to your needs and budget. Let's meet and outline a plan together.

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What Is Your Style Signature?

Each of us has a style, or fashion personality, that we are most comfortable with. A fashion personality should be looked at as exactly that - a personality. It can be dynamic, expressive, daring, anything you want it to be! My task as your image consultant is to help you figure out your fashion personality and how to make it work for you.

The most common problem clients mention is figuring out how to spruce up their style, and which look is appropriate for which event. Our Fashion Personality Quiz helps determine the type of look that you’re drawn to, and how to assess your particular needs based on your goals.

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