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Ready to give your organization a little gold?

Book Tara to speak at your next event. Your audience will be enlightened, challenged and motivated about the importance of image, communication, confidence, and connection in a digital world. Tara’s refreshing, energetic and unique messages are just what your audience needs!  She loads up her audiences with image  tips and tools to succeed  professionally and personally. Audiences range from startups to Fortune 500 companies, universities to business clubs and private social events.

Corporate Seminars & Professional Development

Are you looking for a compelling speaker who can engage your employees while teaching them the A-Z’s of communication, confidence and connection? Tara brings all the elements that create the perfect learning environment for your teams.  She’s engaging and energetic and entertaining. The impact on your bottom line will be a culture of stronger communication, a polish of professionalism and an increase in sales.

In-Person & Virtual Conference Speaker

Do you want to be remembered for putting on the “Best Conference!”? As a keynote speaker and emcee, Tara brings all the elements that create a memorable experience for your audience.  She’s engaging and energetic and entertaining. Whether on stage or camera, she will make an impact that inspires your audience to take their communication, confidence and connection to new levels.

Beauty & style events

Are you ready for a host or keynote speaker who is engaging, comfortable on stage and in front of the camera, is quick on her feet - er - stilettos, and knows the industry inside-and-out? Tara brings energy, humor, and relatability to any gig, so that your audience leaves with a smile on their face and loads of loot in their hands. Book Tara and your event will be the talk of the town.

Speaking Reviews

Marian Sue Holdsworth Nicholas

Tara was amazing this weekend with our NAWBO MDRT Group. She was very informative, engaging and entertaining. For any women's groups that could use a great speaker, I would highly recommend her.

Brian- Manager Fortune 100 Insurance Company

I really enjoyed the event and have already heard several attendees comment on what they learned. The activities and dialogue really emphasized the importance of personal branding in our individual efforts to, “level up.” The training was engaging and left me with some helpful perspective to better manage other’s perception of me. Thanks for orchestrating this fantastic event!  

Kristy Pederson

Tara's "Style Signature" for District 50 Toastmasters was excellent, earning top ratings from attendees.  We appreciate her tips on using personal style to build confidence.

Sonia Lowery Vice President, Career Transition Consultant at LHH

“I was introduced to Tara Hooper, Consultant / Corporate Trainer by one of my executive clients, who was fortunate enough to be in attendance at a similar forum a few months ago and heard Tara’s presentation.  He was extremely impressed and highly recommended her to present to the LHH Executive Forum.  She graciously accepted my invitation and spoke to the group on Monday morning on the topic of Executive Presence.  Her presentation was targeted specifically to the audience and very well done.  She was engaging, it was very interactive and everyone in the room thoroughly enjoyed the session.”

Chic Leehan | Sales, Operations and Strategic Planning

Once again a great presentation by Tara! Awareness of how you present yourself and your appearance is an important key to success.

Elizabeth Thresher Garner - Programs Manager Women's Business Council – Southwest

Tara was a delight to work with. Leading up to the event, she was proactive in communicating about logistics, giving our staff confidence that the event would go smoothly. She even arrived a little early on the day of to ensure everything was running properly. She engaged our audience in conversation leading up to the presentation and delivered her insights with confidence, humor and enthusiasm. Not only was she easy and fun to listen to, she shared practical takeaways that our audience can put to use. If you’re looking for an innovative, personable speaker, I highly recommend Tara Hooper with The Style Signature.

Tonia Tomlin, Sorted Out

"I can not say enough great things about Tara Hooper from The Style Signature. Not only has she helped me with my personal style for networking and speaking events, but she has also been a wonderful life coach and friend to help promote and grow my business.  She really takes the time to listen to my needs and brings out the best in me to empower my personal style, presentation skills, and connections with others! She recently came and spoke to my team at Sorted Out about image and branding, ways to boost confidence, increase team engagement, and ways to network with ease.  We all learned a lot, but also had fun!  Whether you need someone to help with your wardrobe or be a guest speaker to impact your business, she is the person for you!  I refer Tara to my customers all the time and you will understand why the moment you meet her!”

Tonia Tomlin


Sorted Out, LLC

Pauline Shirley President Leaders on Fire

Tara, I enjoyed your presentation to WOVI. You were all you speak about—poised, confident, and strong. Thank you for teaching and showing us how we can better network and present ourselves.

Janet Wilemon Administrative Assistant Luxury Automotive Company

Tara, Thanks for a great evening of fun information on Own The Stage You're Walking On: Present with Power and Intent. Your expertise is growing stronger. I loved the details on engaging the audience.  My Bible class and the WOVI North Dallas Chapter will be glad, and will learn more from my next presentation.

Danni Babik

Tara was enjoyable and authentic, and full of fantastic and actionable advice on commanding the stage. Her real-life stories and examples allowed us to connect with her and benefit!

Lisa Hill, President WOVI North Dallas Chapter


Tara was a marvelous speaker. She was energetic and kept the audience engaged. I would recommend her to any group needing a boost in communication skills.

Jason Baker, Team Networking - Individual Chapters and the Organization Keller Williams

I really appreciated Tara sharing her experience and expertise on the topic of creating a personal brand and why that it is so important.  Her passion for what she does was very obvious by the way she presented the topic.  And the proof that she not only talks the talk but walks the walk really goes without saying.   The guidance Tara provided regarding building rapport, and the emphasis on being authentic while doing so; was valuable information for individuals in all business settings when you consider how important creating connections can be.  Making a great first impression and then being able to develop that into a relationship is what will lead to success.  These things are all achieved through creating your personal brand and being clear, consistent, and constant in doing so. I would recommend Tara Hooper to speak to any individuals or groups of individuals that are interested in determining the best way to brand themselves to achieve success within their industry.

Lydia Pettit

Business Casual or Casualty: Your Pathway to Visual Credibility

Helpful to millennia's who have trouble confusing day-to-day style with business attire.

Anna Landers -Entos Design Group

Tara hit all the important topics we needed to discuss and tailored it to our firm and culture!

Barry Maners, Principle and President Entos Design Group

Business Casual or Casualty: Your Pathway to Visual Credibility

It was very good.  Nice presentation style!

J.Shore- Entos Design

Business Casual or Casualty: Your Pathway To Visual Credibility

Thank you for a wonderful presentation.  I think we all learned a great deal and hopefully changed some perceptions of what is professional.

Lauren O'Brien, Programs Director John Paul II

I cannot express how much we enjoyed your presentation for our John Paul II Cardinal Women's Auxiliary Spring Luncheon this year!  Your presentation was filled with new and valuable image ideas and concepts that most of us had never even heard of before - anywhere!  What was even better, your innovative image ideas and concepts were so easy and practical to make a part of our every day lives.  No longer will I need to stand before the mirror and wonder what jewelry I should wear.  I can now define exactly which of my baubles will look best on me and how I should wear them!   Your hands-on activities kept everyone involved and made it so much fun!  As a speaker you were engaging, informative, fun and adorable!  The time passed so quickly and we were just not ready for it to end!  Your presentation made our 2017 Spring Luncheon our best luncheon ever and we really appreciate your focus on professionalism!

Heidi Giddon - WOVI

Awaken Your Influence is a great speech for groups large or small!!

Linda Broom

Awaken Your Influence: Great job- very interesting! You know your story, you are a great speaker when speaking from the heart. Professional, authentic, sincere, confident.

Brooke Owen

Wonderful message! Great job getting group participation!

Carrie -Plaid Southlake

Great message! Women need to hear this.

Kimberly Kok

Very good! It's nice to hear I can be more confident and change the way I perceive myself and how others perceive me!

Lori Vickerman

Awaken Your Influence: Thank you so much-You are an inspiration!

Kimi Ortega -Plaid Southlake

Awaken Your Influence - "Great message.! My 18 year old stepdaughter just complained to my husband and I that she was fat, and she is not-it's her "perception". I couldn't find the words to help her. Thank you!!!

Teresa Kulupka -Plaid Southlake
Awaken Your Influence-"Eye opening exercise, THOUGHT PROVOKING"
Karen Capsun

Thank you so much, Tara, for all your hard work, preparation, and detailed planning of such a fun and insightful afternoon! I was truly hanging onto every word, and loved all the "insider" fashion info shared! I recognized how much preparedness and time went into your presentation, Tara, and it did not go unnoticed. It was so fun seeing you in your element and sharing your gifts and talents with all of us.. I know that everyone got a ton out of the tips & tricks you showed. and it was so generous of you to provide handouts, as well as, fun interactive activities for us to participate in. You are both loved and appreciated beyond measure!

Debbie Saviano -Social Media Strategist

Tara has the ability to deliver constructive tips on appearance in a way that is helpful, non-judgemental and even funny! Everyone at her presentations learns something valuable."

Julia Kramer, MBA

Tara held a delightful - and helpful - workshop for our chapter of the American Business Women's Association. She is professional and has a great way of interacting with the audience throughout her presentation.

Dot B. -Museum Docent

It was such a pleasure and honor to have you attend our event. As a beauty queen and spokesperson your remarks were inspirational and truly went beyond “skin deep” Thank you for representing the MRS. of our state

Guest Speaker Crown of Character Award

Tara spoke and inspired these students that exemplify one or all of the five points represented in the Junior Auxiliary crown: Charity, Youth, Health, Leadership, and Service. Highly recommend her.

Lauren B

Loved it! Thank you for the helpful info on clothing for body types and coloring

Amy R

Very informative. Well paced…Liked seeing outfit samples

Tracy P

This was a great meeting. I had no clue about focal points so this was very helpful


Thank you so much for a wonderful presentation this morning! I am sorry that I am not very good at leading ( our head lady had her baby last week) I think the ladies will absolutely be contacting you for group consultations! Again, thank you so much for coming! You are gorgeous and so great at what you do!

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