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Virtual Styling

Unstoppable Signature Style

Look and feel better  in your outfits!
Shopping will be easier and faster
Clear out the styles you know aren’t working from your closet
Save money by only purchasing styles that flatter you

Together with Tara, you will establish YOUR signature style. This virtual styling program is available to local clients as well as clients across the globe! You will learn to dress for your shape, discover the colors that captivate your essence and let you shine, add those unique touches that set you apart, and learn how to do this all for yourself!
Finding your Signature Style has never been easier.

Customized PDF guidebook with illustrations for best pants, tops, skirts/dresses, jackets and coats for your specific needs, shape, and style frustrations!
● Specific wardrobe/outfit feedback & guidance within same PDF
●This guidebook can become an interactive file as we refine outfits, uploads  and work together
●Customized virtual style sessions via zoom

The Ultimate Virtual Styling Bundle! This is the TRIFECTA of Styling! Looking and feeling good was never so easy!
Unstoppable Signature Style
My Private Stylist
Color ID


Find Your Signature Style
My Private Stylist - Women Of Style

Love what you wear and wear what you love!
Improves confidence through a polished and stylish appearance.
Shop quicker, with less stress and more confidence.
Spend less, buy better!

A customized computer-assisted personal styling program. Teaches which style elements suit you best, and the basics of personal style coordination. Over 500 examples of exactly what style of clothes you should be wearing to look your best! Takes the guesswork out of “does this look good on me?”

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Fountain of Youth Signature Color Discovery and Color ID app

Find what colors look best on you based on your uniqueness. We'll look at your hair color, skin tone, and the color of your eyes to dive into to your Signature Color Palette. Let the compliments come! Look younger and more vibrant instantly!

When we are done with your analysis, we will email you your color influence and a custom Color ID app that you'll be able to use on your smartphone or tablet -anytime, anywhere. Have your signature colors at your fingertips!

Everything you need to look your best- authentically!

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Closet Confidence Styling Session (Virtual Service + ToolKit)

Virtual Closet Audit and Styling Session

The Style Signature's unique A.S.O. Process - 5 steps to Audit, Style and Organize your wardrobe with CONFIDENCE! Love what you wear and wear it with ease- everyday!

Additionally Includes Closet Confidence Toolkit:

Lifestyle Evaluation and Wardrobe planner

Gap Assessment and Shopping List

DIY Body Shape Discovery-Know how to dress your shape and look great every-time

10 Tailoring Tags-Keep track of those great pieces that just need a little adjustment

Level of Dress Guide- Know what to wear when

Online closet membership- Your looks at your fingertips via smartphone or computer

Starting at $375

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Are you ready to get results right now?
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What Is Your Style Signature?

Each of us has a style, or fashion personality, that we are most comfortable with. A fashion personality should be looked at as exactly that - a personality. It can be dynamic, expressive, daring, anything you want it to be! My task as your image consultant is to help you figure out your fashion personality and how to make it work for you.

The most common problem clients mention is figuring out how to spruce up their style, and which look is appropriate for which event. Our Fashion Personality Quiz helps determine the type of look that you’re drawn to, and how to assess your particular needs based on your goals.

Sign up for our quiz today, and you’ll also get access to our low volume email tips. What could be better than image tips delivered directly to your inbox? We hate spam and will not sell your email address to anyone, and you can opt-out at anytime.

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