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As we get close to the end of my styling subscription, I wanted to reflect on how you've helped me.

  • I can let go of wardrobe pieces that don't serve me
  • I learned how to choose shoes that will work best for my body
  • I learned what wardrobe pieces I need to help me create outfits
  • I've logged my entire closet on the app and have pre-made outfits - which make getting dressed easier
  • I've learned what accessories will make the most of my clothes
  • I've learned general techniques about how to pair clothes - which will serve me well in the future

I forgot one of the most important things you've helped me with: You've encouraged/pushed me to select items that I would have never chosen on my own - like a moto jacket and coated jeans. But I love these looks!

Sarah Hewes-Chen

“Hiring Tara was the best decision! She completely changed the way I feel about shopping and now I’m well on my way to assembling a closet that makes me feel fantastic. I started out as a graduate student with a closet of old jeans and free t-shirts. I hated to shop. I can’t count the number of times I broke down in a dressing room.

Tara changed the way I feel about my clothes. She has a way of helping you develop your own style without pushing you into anything that isn’t “you”. She is unbelievably tactful with her feedback. She advises changes in a way that helps you look better in your clothes and still leaves you feeling good about yourself. For example, I asked her if a particular top I had was appropriate for work. The answer was ultimately amounted to “absolutely not”, but the way she answered did not make me feel bad and left me with a clearer picture of what kind of tops work for me.

Tara also has expertise in hair and makeup. She was able to give me sound advice on work-appropriate hairstyles. On our shopping trip, she helped me find a makeup routine that works for me. In addition to having me matched for a foundation instantly, she put together the perfect, fast <6 step routine I wanted. She truly listens and helps you find what you want.

I wish I had started working with Tara sooner. She would have saved me quite a bit of money on clothes that have just sat in my closet. I actually had a lot of fun on our shopping trip! I was impressed that she immediately took me to a dressing room full of clothes for me to try on. I’m happy I met her in Dallas because her relationship with some of the salespeople meant that we had someone ready to help us find things quickly and listen to exactly what we wanted. This meant we spent more time evaluating the clothes and less time running around. Overall, Tara is a breeze to work with and a fantastic communicator. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.”

Sarah C.

Kim Benson- Style Starter Program

I'm so glad that I eventually met Tara after having worked with her husband several years ago.  We worked together during a 3-month consulting program where Tara helped with my communication skills which ultimately boosted my confidence and made me a better communicator.  Because I live in San Diego, we met weekly through face to face virtual meetings.  I would even consider this option if I lived near Tara as it was seamless and worked great for both of our busy schedules.  Being a professional who networks frequently, is involved in the community while trying to build my own clientele, the insight I received from Tara is invaluable.   Tara's approach is very customized and she tailors her services to best fit the person she is working with.  She does not try to make you into someone different.  

It's difficult to fit everything she has done into one review but one example of how Tara helped was when our firm put together a series of videos for our clients.  These videos were going to be a first for all of us.  Because she took the time to understand the values of our firm and she was able to help make adjustments to my script.  We then worked together to practice the way I presented it.  Of all the videos that were done, mine were voted the best because they were the friendliest and felt the most personal.  I tend to be a more monotone person so this was such a great compliment to receive!  I even noticed that my boss used my script as a starting point for his videos :)

Lastly, Tara helped me with my wardrobe.  She flew out to San Diego and we went through my closet, went shopping and boosted my wardrobe with some higher quality staples and took some pieces to the tailor for minor adjustments.  I never thought I needed this but her tips to help me find the best colors, cuts, fabrics, etc. that are most flattering on my body were so useful.  Furthermore, now I know what to look for when shopping in the future.  We got a kick out of some of the before and after photos she took, what a difference different cuts and styles can make!  My husband said it looked like I had lost 30 lbs. between the before and after photos which were taken a day apart!  What I learned from this experience are tools that I will use forever!  I feel more confident everyday and have received tons of compliments and it's only been a few days.  Before Tara, I was already a successful 40 something professional and after Tara, I feel like I can conquer the world!  

I love my new app which has pictures of all my wardrobe pieces, new and old, as well as many outfits to choose from out of my entire closet.  All constructed by Tara and included within the app.  How convenient!  I called her a wardrobe ninja because really has an eye for this stuff and can so quickly piece together outfit after outfit.  It was amazing to watch!

My main thought after working with Tara is "why didn't I do this sooner!?"  Please reach out to Tara and learn more about how she can help you.  She has several options and price points and it is very much worth it to do something for yourself!  You will not regret it!

Kim Benson-San Diego, CA

Jagan Ramachandran- Style Starter

Tara Hooper is a great coach and stylist. She is amazing to work with. She  has been helping me to transform my executive presence and feel at ease with a C-level executive environment. I strongly recommend her to consider her as your coach especially if you need appreciation of cross-cultural situations, transform your image, and improve executive presence.

Melissa Cox

OMG! I LOVE what I have been wearing! It is so easy getting dressed now! And I feel so much more put together!

Sandya Narayan

"Hi Tara-thanks for the incredible, enjoyable experience of shopping with you. You were so effective and efficient. I have loved the looks you have put together. The dress was a big hit [for my photoshoot] I wish you tons of success and fame."

Nicole Arnold

Tara is an amazing resource and one that every woman needs if she wants to look and feel her best!! She gives honest feedback and quickly assembled outfits like a magic genie! She is a MUST for any professional. I love how she understands my desired image and interprets that into personal styling statements that message that image. She also equips me to make sound clothing purchases, based on what she teaches me about what to wear and not to wear. What a time and money saver!!!! Highly recommend!!!

Madeline Norris

Tara educated me on the colors and styles that look best. Tara helped me clear out unflattering items in my closet and add a capsule strategy when we went personal shopping. The four hour shopping experience was very effective because I walked away with 17 new articles of clothing and 5 pairs of shoes that all look great and can be used many different ways. I couldn’t have done it without her and I would have wasted money buying things that didn’t look good or were too close to items I already owned.

Chris Howden

Tara helped me learn what styles and colors best suit me, and how to select clothes that fit right.  She helped me zero in on a suitable image for my new work environment; sharp and sophisticated without being fussy or too formal.  Tara is a delight to work with.  I highly recommend her!

Marlene A

Tara is one of the sweetest and down to earth woman i have ever had the pleasure to meet.She helped me put together several outfits and created several looks for me in my virtual closet ( love the app).

Dr. Muralidhar

Dallas Image Consultant and Presentation Coach Tara Hooper is amazing with people she brings out the best in them. She is so friendly , nurturing and teaches you to be yourself, yet be effective on the stage. She helped me with my speech content, public speaking, body language and executive presence. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs the professional edge. She is an awesome!!!!!

Leslie Hassler- Owner Your Biz Rules

I've been working with Tara for almost 3 years now.  I used Tara's services initially for a closet audit after I found my speaker images were not communicating the personal brand and image presence I wanted when presenting.  I expected her to tell me to buy a new wardrobe, but she didn't.  She carefully went through my wardrobe and showed me a better way to use what I have to strategically communicate my brand.  Since then, I have used her image styling, personnel shopping and strategic communication training to ensure my brand stays on point.  Tara is such a valuable partner in my business.

Lauren Razmzan-Store Director Salon Service Group

Tara Hooper, corporate trainer/speaker of The Style Signature, conducted a tailored and interactive seminar with our management team on the impact of professional image and branding. We all came away with new perspectives and ideas to elevate ourselves and our professional brand.  Tara customized her content for the different (and broad!) style types and for our industry.  Tara's phenomenal!

Emily Cosgrove-Marketing Director Joovy

Tara styled our company's photoshoot event and was fantastic!!  She was able to bring our creative vision to life. She adapted to the unique needs of each family she worked with and made each of them look wonderful and feel confident. She is personable, proactive, and a joy to work with. We highly recommend The Style Signature!

Lisa Williams

“Tara is blessed with the amazing talent of bringing out the best in people. She helped me feel confident when I walk into a room with style recommendations just for me. Everyone should experience her custom attention to detail that she provides. Priceless!” Lisa Williams

Mark CarlsonCarlson-HR-Consulting

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tara Hooper from the Style Signature for over 2 years now. I recently started my own company and was in the process of creating a website and presentation for prospective clients. I reached out to Tara, knowing her eye for perfection. Tara was able to look at the presentation from not only a consultants view, but also from a marketing and business angle. Tara helped with the branding of the website, to the presentation, business cards and fliers. The advice and changes Tara recommended on the presentation will make it more impactful and succinct. Tara is one of those individuals that just “gets it when she sees it”. I highly recommend you have Tara spend some time on your presentation and or website. The results will amaze you.Thanks Tara!

Chloe Saltarelli Photography

I launched Chloe Saltarelli Photography in 2015. I soon realized I needed a little push to take my business to the next level. Tara and I met several years ago and she has become a dear friend. She has been my make-up artist, hair stylist and image consultant along the way. I hired Tara for some personal branding consulting. Let me just say, wow! She connected me with a fabulous web designer and I had a live website within months of us working together. She helped me develop a brand unique to me and my photography business. I’ve learned through Tara how to attract the ‘right clients’, and not the ones who first ask, ‘how much?’ Tara is also a ‘connector’ by nature. She introduced me to seasoned professionals in my industry who have become mentors as well as friends. I highly recommend Tara Hooper if you are looking to take your brand to the next level. She is kind, funny, sincere, honest, genuine and is well worth the investment.

Paul Fioravanti, MBA,MPA

Tara is an indispensable resource for CEO's and other C-level professionals looking to have objective counsel and a focused strategy and plan to manage their professional brand and image. Tara has qualified and unique insights on helping professionals manage their brand, social media strategy, LinkedIn presence, and communications approaches and styles. Having witnessed her expertise on C-level projects where the perceptions (sometimes the perceptions couldn't be further from the truth) of senior executives and even candidates for public service roles, need to be carefully managed, Tara continues to deliver with intelligent and extremely valuable counsel.

Emily Zoog, VP, Rlationship Manager, Green Bank

I highly recommend Tara from The Style Signature to become your personal branding coach. Tara believes an individual should be who you are rather than being someone you are not, and she really helped bring out my own self-assurance in my image as well as my self-confidence. She is extremely professional and highly knowledgeable in what she teaches, and I am more impressed with her every time we meet. She is a beautiful person inside and out and grateful to have been connected with such a genuine person.

Stephanie G

Thank you so much for spending time teaching me how to better present myself. Your ideas, input and feedback on presentation stance, speaker volume, and wardrobe tips were invaluable!

Sylvia F.

Extremely grateful!

I am beyond satisfied with the support and guidance Tara Hooper has provided as my image consultant and business coach! She is keenly talented in helping individuals understand and appreciate their unique and authentic style while cultivating a professional presence. More than a "personal stylist," Tara helps you communicate just the right message for just the right audience in your business and professional endeavors. She has provided me with exceptional guidance from wardrobe to website to the innermost workings of organizing a successful business plan. Tara Hooper has been a "motivating sounding board" as we discuss my plans, progress and pursuit of excellence in all things!

John P

The MUST HAVE experience for the working woman

I needed a professional that understood how to look professional and could dress my wife like the successful business woman she is. I needed someone who could help her feel comfortable on a plane and look appropriate when presenting in San Francisco, London or Shanghai. I was very happy to have finally found Tara Hooper. I liked that she had an education that included study overseas and was well-traveled. And I really liked that she had an impressive resume of proven success, helping lots of women realize their full potential in the business world. Tara was everything I wanted and so much more. The whole experience was so much more than we expected. It was an entire image makeover! 

Shelia Maness

After working with Tara I feel great, more modern: Like I have strengthened my professional presence

Lynn Barrett

Business Development Strategist

I have hired Tara to work with me in my closet to organize and weed through my business wardrobe. She also set up an online closet for me which saves me tons of time when I'm running to meetings. Working with Tara motivates you to get organized and makes you feel like you look like a million bucks! Tara is professional, knowledgable, and a pleasure to work with! I have also had Tara come in to speak at a few business functions, and she is always a huge hit. Send your clients (male and female!) to her without hesitation. 

Marissa W

Thank you Tara!! For someone like me who hates shopping, really hates shopping, Tara was an Godsend! I am proud of myself for reaching out for help and I am glad Tara was there. I work in a professional environment where I have to talk to a lot of different types of people, so I wear suits and button down shirts...colors black, blue, grey and white. I would also like to start dating again, so you can see where I needed the help. Tara came in and understood my shopping issues, viewed my wardrobe, took me to a trunk show and educated me on creative ways to make my wardrobe work for me both for work and for play. She took away the collars and added a little color along with the advice to adjust my wardrobe based on the client I am meeting which has enabled me to connect to the person I am interviewing and interacting with on a level I never realized I could achieve. She also advised me on how to make my transition from work to play flawless. I have been complemented on a weekly basis about something Tara advised me to do, wear or buy. Tara has added confidence in areas that I didn't know I was lacking. Thank you Tara!

Jennifer Hogue

Global Market Lead Channel Manager - Vice President at Women of AT&T Dallas - International Insight Leader

Wow! I only thought I knew what colors and outfits looked best on me. After working with Tara, I not only know what colors to choose, but what styles look best on me. There are so many secrets I learned that have made my outfits so much better. It not only has cut down on my "getting dressed for work time" but I also shop way more efficiently and no longer buy clothes I'll never wear. (You know the ones...that have tags on them still after a year and you feel bad to throw them out) If you are looking for help with anything from hair style, wardrobe, personal shopping, or headshot consultation (she helps you with wardrobe and will be onsite with you), I highly recommend Tara. She will work with your budget (seriously) and create an amazing image enhancement for you!


Met with a Leasing Agent and her tenant this morning.  First meeting I’ve had in a while where I felt this much confidence.   It’s definitely a work in progress but I appreciate your insight and help!

Michaelann Bush-President at Southlake Association for Gifted and Talented

After meeting Tara at my house to help me evaluate my closet, I was so inspired I purchased the "30 Day Transformation" package. She emailed me homework sheets before each video conference. This included colors that suit my tones, dressing for my body shape, types of necklines best for me, and scale of jewelry/patterns. Booking the online meetings were really convenient for my schedule and I felt the sessions were helpful. I used to hate to shop because I felt like it was such a time suck. Now, I can confidently walk into a store and go straight to my signature colors, look at the style and know immediately if it will flatter my figure. I can also piece together separates even if I bought them from different stores. Today shopping is much more enjoyable, efficient and I rarely have to return anything! I'm so glad I found Tara. She listens to my concerns and gives practical feedback. I really look forward to our continued relationship.

Dr. Cortney Baker Ed.D, M.S., CCC/SLP * Leadership Expert* Best-Sellling Author* CEO Baker Management Group* CEO KidsCare Therapy

After seeing Tara speak and reviewing her testimonials on how she had helped others, I reached out to her to work together as a private client. I am a professional speaker and business owner and felt like my image was not reflective of my role. She helped me by assisting me with identifying a new wardrobe, doing my hair and make up, and helped during the process of obtaining new head shots. She went above and beyond my expectations. During my first speaking engagement afterwards someone came up to me and commented how they knew I was the speaker before I took the stage because of how "regal" I looked. She took my image from 'good' to 'regal'! I've never had that in my life! Thank you, Tara, for your everything you've done! 

Dr. Cortney Baker 

Nathalie Laforest

I needed pictures for my new website. I had a consultation with Tara Hooper from The Style Signature. We discussed the nature of my business, looked at different options for outfits, makeup, accessories and picked beautiful combinations. Tara also updated my haircut to better reflect my style. The pictures turned out beautiful and I feel like Tara really helped capture my essence, energy and passion for my practice. The whole experience was very relax and super fun! Thank you Tara!

Alicia White

Tara Hooper knows how to make you look stunning. I hired her to help me select appropriate attire for speaking on stage. “WOW!” is all I can say because in just one session, she put together at least 10 stage-ready outfits straight from my closet! And another 20 outfits for business meetings and one-on-ones - something I desperately needed help with. 

A couple of times I got teary-eyed because I didn't know I could look so glamorous; I didn't know I had those types of clothes to do that with. What a special treat to not only learn what works best on my body but also to have discovered a whole new wardrobe without having to buy new clothes. 

If you are business professional or speaker, I highly recommend hiring Tara for her image consultation. She knows how to pull pieces together to create a look that is flattering and draws attention to YOU and not what you’re wearing. Her energy is dynamic and you should see her expression when the outfit she puts together is a sure thing. It's priceless! I love working with Tara and know you will, too.

Audrey Micha

Being personally coached by San Diego’s most renowned image consultants Tara Hooper (Mrs. Southern California) is one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. The knowledge I have gained working side by side with Tara has given me the skills and knowledge to take my career to the next level. She taught me the importance of creating exactly what people desire by listening to their wants and needs which is what I believe sets me apart.

Business Owner Carlsbad, CA

James Dorgan-Fairhope, AL

Noticing her husband’s stylish clothes, Tara offered to put me in the same outfit without having to shop for it or spend the hours searching for the perfect size or price. After Tara handled all exchanges to get the perfect fit, and found reasonably priced options, the outfits were then pressed and arrived on hangers ready to be worn. For someone whose work and family needs keeps them so busy that they simply do not have the time to put together a fashionable wardrobe mix, Tara is the answer. 

Attorney Fairhope, AL

Lyndsey J. - Carrollton,TX

“Tara is amazing. She has such a great eye for design and color. I used her services for a wardrobe assessment. She was able to show me what looked good for my body type and colors that complemented me. She helped find pieces I never wear and give them new life. Absolutely worth the time and investment. She’s very professional and sweet too.”


“What a pleasure it has been to work with Tara from The Style Signature. I was in need of a complete “do over” from hair, makeup, wardrobe to head shot. My business is upcycling and repurposing arts & crafts, antiques, furniture with an eclectic look. Tara listened and pulled together all of this to give a fun, lively, and professional unique look where I feel I fit in with my business. She showed me styles that work with my figure, business and lifestyle. I take my color chart when I go shopping to get the right colors. Tara went thru my closet and pulled together over 20 business outfits. I use her private fashion portal to remember what I have and which clothing items go together. It was fun doing the professional head shot with her and Laura, her photographer. Tara did the makeup and hair and wardrobe. Tara has listened to what my needs are and has made me feel right at home as she worked her magic to update my image to go with my eclectic business. I look forward to working with her in the future as my business needs expand. 


Lynn B- Frisco, TX

“Tara did a style and closet consultation with me. She helped me put together additional professional outfits which I cannot wait to wear! She substantially expanded my wardrobe options and my fashion knowledge in just one afternoon, and we had a good time working on the project. I would highly recommend Tara for anyone needing to get their wardrobe and closet in shape, and learn more about how to achieve the look they love. Tara is professional, knowledgeable, and it was a wonderful experience having her in my closet!”

Stephanie G. McKinney, TX

“I was able to have Tara pick me out a new outfit that I love!!!!!! I also got a wonderful new hairstyle and color that I love!!! Can’t wait to have her go with me to pick out my new glasses to complete my new improved look!!!”

Carrie Hudson-Strimel

I clearly remember the day I met Tara. I had recently gone back to work after 4 years, due to having a child (and not just any child, a RARE special needs child!). I was SO excited about my passion to help others and went to one of my very first networking events! However, I didn’t have a clue what to wear! My closet had TONS of t-shirts, sweats, hoodies, and yoga pants! The thing was though, I recently had lost over 20 pounds and even those didn’t fit! I wore my “best” and hoped for the BEST! I may not have fashion sense but I have a GREAT eye for amazing people. The event I attend had around 50 women and although I was nervous and definitely not dressed correctly, I noticed Tara. Out of that room of 50 two people stood out. Tara was one. I “hoped” she would come see my vendor table so I could find out “who” this stunning woman was. I DID meet Tara and she was everything I NEEDED. That Day I ordered her “Head to Toe” package and WOW! I Feel so great about myself, my image, and well.. my business is better than EVER! There are a few people I owe my success to and Tara is one!

Suzy H.

I had a photo shoot and a speaking engagement to get prepared for and no idea what to wear. Tara helped me understand what values I was hoping to portray and how to best express them. The best part was she was able to help me find items in my own closet that worked perfectly so she saved me tons of time and money shopping and searching when the perfect pieces were hiding in my own closet! I love how she combined items I never would have thought to put together. The final photos were great and I feel this was due to Tara’s brilliant eye for color and what colors would Pop based on my skin tones and the shoot location. I felt pulled together and comfortable for my speaking engagement which helped to boost my confidence. I loved working with Tara and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Suzy H.  Harmonious Health Dallas, TX 

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