The Style Signature

Personal Image

Learn to leverage your image as a professional tool. Together we will establish YOUR signature style, build a magnetic personal brand, and step into your powerful authentic presence.  The process combines marketing, fashion and style to improve your appearance, presence, and communication so that you can feel more confident, be more successful, and take your business or career to the next level, in style.  You will learn to navigate organizational culture and make your best first and lasting impression, get noticed by your ideal clients, those who have power over your career, or your audience.

Your appearance is powerful form of communication, discover your unique Signature Style Code © by dressing for your shape, discovering the colors that captivate your essence and let you shine, communicate with confidence and add those unique touches that set you apart.

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VIP Image Transformation
  • Complete makeover
  • Increased confidence and effortless style
  • Get ready in less time with less stress and still look amazing

From wardrobe & hair to makeup & tailored image solutions, you'll find the polished perfection you’ve been dreaming of. As your personal stylist & image consultant, my goal is not to change you, but to enhance you & help discover an image & style that complements the star you are. This VIP experience will give you the kind of youthful vibrancy & soaring self-confidence that is truly a game changer. Includes 1 month of style support

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Closet Confidence
  • New ways to wear the clothes you own
  • Understand your style challenges & learn how to fix them
  • Gap assessment
  • Clothing purge

Do you still walk into your closet & have lots of clothes but nothing to wear? Let me help you start your day off right with a closet full of clothes that are organized, streamlined & bring you joy everytime you wear them. Nothing will make you feel more confident getting dressed everyday than with a closet where a keen eye & professional opinion has helped you create styles that flatter you & work with your lifestyle.

This session will give you that professional  opinion  to help you remove of all of your unwanted/ unflattering pieces (you know they are there) shopping & accessorizing recommendations. Learn new ways to wear the pieces you love, gap assessment (what you need in your wardrobe) tailoring guidance, how to integrate your new purchases & clothing purge-It’s a great way to start fresh & increase your style savvy!

  • Up to 4 hours of clothes/outfit styling
  • Photograph of each outfit for easy reference
  • Membership to online closet- Have your looks at your fingertips via your smart phone
  • Body Line Silhouette Discovery - Know what looks great on you every time
  • Basic Color Discovery - Look vibrant and youthful in everything you wear
  • Shopping suggestions
  • Re-styling creations
  • Tailoring suggestions to ensure a perfect fit
  • 3 months stylist on demand access - text or email me your styling and shopping  questions-anytime!

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Fitting Room Rendezvous
  • Understand your style & fit challenges and learn the best solutions
  • Develop a clear authentic style
  • Advice on where to spend and where to save
  • Be current on trends, and translate those trends into wearable looks that are still YOU

This is the kind of personal shopping you’ll look forward to-fun and painless! Together we will decide on a selection of stores specifically for you & your lifestyle needs. Your dressing room will be ready with items I pre-shopped for-clothing, shoes and accesories. I even capture your new looks & upload photos to your private virtual closet. Just show up and play dress up.

I am hands on through the whole experience to ensure you purchase items that fit great, capsule together, fit your style personality and are reflective and respectful of your budget and lifestyle needs. Once you have tried each piece on, we will help you go through everything and discuss which pieces to purchase. Stop making costly mistakes and start loving all the clothes in your wardrobe! After our time spent at the stores,
you will receive a style overview of everything we covered during the
shopping trip, your on-line virtual closet app with your items cataloged and suggestions for what your wardrobe may still need. 

•Love every piece you purchase

•Learn how to mix and match to maximize wardrobe

•Tailoring suggestions to ensure the perfect fit

•Feel confident and beautiful in everything you buy, no more clothes with tags still on them!

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Wardrobe RX Party
  • Fun with friends
  • Image and style secrets
  • Stop being frustrated with your clothes

This is not your mothers tupperware party! This fun interactive workshop will not only be time to connect with your BFF's but a great way to resolve those wardrobe and style frustrations! Minimum of 3 guests

This is for:
  • Those who are consistently frustrated with their clothing and closet
  • Those who have challenging body types
  • Those who have gained or lost weight and are struggling to look and feel amazing
  • Those who like to have fun and learn something new that will have them looking and feeling their best
  • Those who want to have fun with friends and learn all the image and style trade secrets
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What Is Your Style Signature?

Each of us has a style, or fashion personality, that we are most comfortable with. A fashion personality should be looked at as exactly that - a personality. It can be dynamic, expressive, daring, anything you want it to be! My task as your image consultant is to help you figure out your fashion personality and how to make it work for you.

The most common problem clients mention is figuring out how to spruce up their style, and which look is appropriate for which event. Our Fashion Personality Quiz helps determine the type of look that you’re drawn to, and how to assess your particular needs based on your goals.

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