Secrets of the Chic Woman


There have been many different types of fashion styles women have adopted over the years.  Whatever your fashion style may be, there isa great way to ensure your style will stay classic – keep it chic!  Here are a few of our style secrets of the chic and stylish woman.



Tailoring your clothes to fit your body is a must for the chic and stylish woman.  When you buy an item of clothing you really like, you want that item to last.  If your clothing doesn’t fit you correctly, it will most likely not last as long especially if it fits tight, oversized, or pants that drag.  Damaged clothing is not chic and stylish.  Many times, we buy an item that we love but once home, we realize the item doesn’t fit the way we want it to.  Tailoring your clothing eliminates the stress of finding an item that fits your body perfectly, especially when designer soften create a “one shape fits all.” Tailoring allows you the flexibility to buy items that you really love and adjust them to fit your unique body shape and needs.  The right fit is a chic and stylish fit!  



Mono-chromatic looks are a great and easy way to pull off a chic and stylish look.  Patterns can be too busy and hard to pair with other items. Patterns can create confusion for the women who feels already challenged by clothing. Finding patterns that compliment your body and colors that compliment your complexion requires a keen eye, confidence and trial and error or some help using an image consultant like myself.   If you’re not sure which colors are the best for you, a great place to start is black. Black clothing is not only versatile, it can also create a sophisticated look.  The best thing about black – its slimming and great at hiding problem areas!  Another great color for a monochromatic look is white or cream. The old rule of not wearing white after Labor Day no longer applies so wear away! The key with mon-chromatic looks are to use texture in the fabrics.  Other colors that work well with a monochromatic look are greys, nudes, red, and many ladies’ favorite – pink!  




Investing in a few quality designer items is a must for a chic and stylish woman.  Just adding one quality item can significantly elevate any look.  This item can be a nice pair of designer heels or flats, an elegant or bold handbag, belt or even some fabulous sunglasses.  You don’t need to have a large budget in order to do so either.  There are now many ways to buy pre-owned but still in great condition designer items. Don’t forget about sales!  You can get an amazing deal on designer items if you watch carefully for sales and act quick!  Vintage stores are still a good place to find great quality and unique pieces!


Bold lip color/makeup/signature scent

Finishing touches are important to a chic and stylish woman.  Applying quality makeup to a clean face will tie your whole look together. Adding a bold lip color that works on you can really add a pop to any look.  Finding the perfect perfume as your signature scent is a chic and stylish woman staple as well!



Lastly, chic can is an attitude.  A chic and stylish woman carries herself with confidence and grace.  Only wear items that make you feel completely confident and beautiful.  You can’t exude confidence if you don’t feel it yourself.  Your posture can sabotage your look so try to remind yourself to stand up straight.  Keep it fun and keep it chic and stylish!







Tara Hooper
Personal image and professional consultant. Effective communicator. Transformation queen. Confidence creator. 

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