Defining Your Style

I'm super excited about this week’s topic: Defining Your Style. 

It's not dressing to your personality, wearing the right colours or style or even wearing great brands. Style's first criteria is FIT, and it's the ultimate maker or breaker of style.

If a garment is too tight or baggy no amount of styling expertise or accessories is likely to save it. So next time to shop for clothes, stop fretting about the number on the label and start concentrating on what really matters. 

Yes, you do have to love the garment but beyond that, it's the fit that gives you a solid foundation to style the garment your way. Second to FIT is being authentic to your style personality. Below I’ve given you a framework of the standard fashion personalities. Along the way you will also discover the best professions for each style. 

Almost every woman has a dominant, secondary and even sometimes a touch of a third style personality - together these unite to form your unique style.

Women who have a dominant Feminine style personality enjoy:

💃 Softly structured and fitted garments

💃 Non-classic styles

💃 Modest lengths and depths

💃 Curved prints such as florals and paisley.

💃 Heeled shoes (slender and medium-high)

💃 Soft, full hairstyles

💃 Light to medium color contrasts

💃 Delicate, feminine accessories such as pearls 

This is the style personality most suited to nurses, counselors, beauty therapists, kindergarten teachers, women in ministry and event/wedding planners etc. feminine touches are also good in business as long as it is not too girly. This feminine style is great when accompanied by a confidence speaking style, lets them know I am a lady but still the BOSS! 

Women who have a dominant SEXY style personality enjoy:

💃 Body-conscious silhouettes

💃 Non-classic styles

💃 Waist, bust, hip and/or thigh focal areas

💃 Tapered hemlines

💃 Tanned skin

💃 High heels, pointy toes, and strappy sandals

💃 Tousled or highly stylized hairstyles

💃 Makeup with emphasis on lips or eyes.

This is the style personality most suited are entertainers, nightclub hostesses, fitness instructors, hair stylists,  etc. The Sexy Style Personality needs to be put under wraps in business so as to not crush your credibility but it is a great social look as long as it is done with class, remember a little goes a long way and changes with every decade of age. What we wore in our 20’s doesn’t work in our 40’s.  But girls, if you got it, rock it! 

Women who have a dominant ELEGANT style personality enjoy:

💃 Semi-fitted silhouettes

💃 Classic, formal styles

💃 High-quality fabrics and labels

💃 Sophisticated, classic and neutral colours

💃 Moderation - no extremes

💃 Tailored garments

💃 Flawless makeup and hair.

This is the style personality most suited are company directors, dignitaries, heads of state, royalty etc. The Elegant Style Personality is widely accepted everywhere and is almost never inappropriate, just remember to “let your hair down” in your style  at more casual events like picnics and relaxed social events. This style personality is always picture perfect. 

Women who have a dominant CLASSIC style personality enjoy:

💃 Tailored,

💃 Timeless,

💃 Coordinated

💃 Versatile garments, accessories, and colours

💃Small understated but real jewelry 


This is the style personality most suited to the business world. The Classic Style is the go too in most corporate environments however we don’t want to leave the world thinking we are without any pizzaz. Look for quality, wear your signature colors to stand out and accessorize brilliantly with fabulous shoes, a dynamite handbag and the “real thing” accessories. Don’t let looking professional be boring, be CHIC!  

Women who have a dominant NATURAL style personality enjoy:

💃 Comfortable and easy-care garments.

💃 Classic, casual styles.

💃 Semi-fitted to soft boxy silhouettes.

💃 Practical garments and accessories.

💃 Unmatched coordinates.

💃 Relaxed, easy-care hairstyle.

💃 Minimal makeup and accessories.

💃 Predominantly natural fabrics

This is the style personality most suited are social workers, landscapers, veterinarians, teachers and engineers etc. Most of us have a love for the Natural Style Personality with athleisure as its own clothing category.  This look is never appropriate in mainstream corporate America but it is certainly appropriate in certain industries, and heck you can’t beat the comfort. This is a great way to be comfy and stylish at home

Women who have a dominant CREATIVE style personality enjoy:

💃 Being uninhibited by any fashion rules or guidelines

💃 Mixing unexpected colors, fabrics, textures and shapes.

💃 Clashing styles.

💃 Experimental hair and make-up.

💃 Creating outfits that shock or amaze

💃 Being unique and non-conformist

This is the style personality most suited to fashion designers, entertainers, artists and anti-establishment youth. Creative Style  in a corporate environment is a challenge, but in small doses like a clever pattern or touch of texture can give you creatives those stand out details you love!  

Women who have a dominant DRAMATIC style personality enjoy:

💃 Bold colors, prints, contrasts, and combinations. 

💃 Statement accessories. 

💃 Non-classic styles.

💃 Very defined silhouettes.

💃 Sacrificing comfort for style statements.

💃 High


This is the style personality most suited to those in entertainment, advertising, fashion executives and image consultants. We love our drama queens! Little dramatic fashion touches can be acceptable in corporate in very small doses. Maybe a bold pop of color in a scarf or killer brooch, the key here  is not to over do it!  Be memorable for all the right reasons! 

When you identify your unique style you'll find you'll be much better at finding the clothes and accessories that make you say "I love it!". I can't wait to find out which one you are. 

Stay stylish,


Tara Hooper
Personal image and professional consultant. Effective communicator. Transformation queen. Confidence creator. 

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What Is Your Style Signature?

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