How to be a better communicator

Former presidents Regan and Obama are both known as great communicators; their voices were both rich, deep, relaxed, and warm. When they spoke they communicated trust, confidence, like-ability, and control.

Lower pitched voices for both men and women are commonly associated with these qualities and it all stems from the way you breathe.

There are four major levels of voice: the nasal, the mouth, the chest, and the diaphragm.

NASAL Voice: Sounds high-pitched, almost whiny quality and can turn people off in a hurry. This is not the type of voice which helps one's professional or social life.

MOUTH Voice: The mouth voice is not very powerful. People who use the mouth voice often overlooked as their sound is inconsequential.

CHEST Voice: This voice is pleasant and maintains listener interest. It's an OK sound.

DIAPHRAGM Voice: This is the strongest, most attractive and most natural voice and it comes from the diaphragm. A person who uses the diaphragm voice commands attention, "sounds" more attractive socially, and is more likely to be perceived as either a person of promise or a leader.

What tone of voice do you possess?







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Tara Hooper
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