How To Look Your Best in Holiday Photos

Tips on how to look your best in Holiday Photos

During the holiday season, we attend events alongside friends, family, and business colleagues that we may only see at big events or holiday parties.  This usually means pictures…and a lot of them!  This month we wanted to pass along some tips for you to look your absolute best in photos.  Imagine getting the perfect photo in one shot instead of having to ask someone to take multiple.  From the best colors to wear to the best angel to shoot from, we break down some key points to make sure you’ll never again have to ask if you looked good in a photo because you’ll know you did!

Let’s start with setting up the shot for the perfect photo. The angel in which the photographer shoots from is important.  Shooting from above is the MOST flattering angel.  Try not to be the closet one to the camera as this exaggerates your size.  If you would like to hide or soften your silhouette in a group photo, position yourself towards the middle of the group. When taking a standing group photo, placing the tallest person in the middle and so on looks the best.  If you are taking photos outside, make sure there is enough lighting and you are faced towards the light source.  Dusk is the best time of day to take photos outside.  Lastly, try to take important photos early on before having that second (or third!) glass of wine so you look fresh.

After the shot is set, there are additional things you can do to look your most flattering.  Lengthen your body and shift your shoulders back and away from your ears.  Angel your body towards the camera and bend forward slightly from the hip.  Stick out your chin to make the appearance of a double chin disappear.  This may feel unusual at first, but it helps!   So that you do not stand out in a bad way, try to stick with medium-dark colored clothing and vertical prints.  Lastly, know your own good angels.  Practice your smile and find which angels work best for you in front of a mirror.

Most importantly, don’t forget to smile with your best, most natural smile and have fun! Don’t run from the camera this holiday season!  Instead, utilize these tips to look great in all the special moments that are being captured!

Do you need help finding the perfect outfit for a holiday party or photo shoot? Or are you simply frustrated with what to wear when?   Book a personal shopping session with me to help you hit the mark and look your best!  You can contact me directly or click on the “Book Time to Chat with Tara” to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call.  We'll work together to find all the styles, lengths and clothing elements that suit you best.

These 7 quick and easy tips will have you looking your very best.

  1. Have the photographer shoot from above: Look up and smile - this is THE MOST flattering angle.
    2. Stick Your Chin Out: Feels weird but makes a double chin vanish.
    3. Place Your Hands on Your Hips: and hold them away from your body. Shoulders back and away from ears.
    4. Wear Medium-dark Colours and Vertical Prints
    5. Stand in the Middle of the Group: to hide your silhouette
    6. Never be the One Closest to the Camera: your size will be exaggerated
    7. Angle Your Body to the Camera and Bend Forward a little from the hip.

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