How to Wear Florals at Any Age

How To Wear Floral At Any Age

Florals are a classic spring and summer go-to but sometimes they get a bad rap. They can be too loud, too frilly, or too frumpy. Not to worry as there are a few easy ways you can incorporate florals into your wardrobe while still looking polished and professional.

 General Floral Etiquette

Regardless of your age, make sure that the colors you choose flatter your complexion—and that the print flatters your body. If you are curvy, prints that are too large maybe unflattering so opt for a medium floral print instead. Just the same if you are small and petite, small or mini floral prints are best.  If pastels wash you out, even the prettiest of prints in the wrong color won’t work. Your print can also be the fun pop of color on your shoes, scarf, and other accessories.  Colorful florals printed on a solid white or black skirt or dress never go out of style.

 Wearing Florals In Your 20s

 In your 20s you can wear just about anything you want. As long as you are work, event, or occasion - appropriate, have fun with your florals. Avoid going head to toe, unless in a maxi dress or jumpsuit. For example, if you are rocking a floral short, skirt or pant—balance things out with a solid color top. The top can be vibrant, just not floral.    

Wearing Florals In Your 30s 

In your 30s you want to look a bit more polished and professional, so transition to florals that are less casual and more feminine and elegant. This might be a flowing chiffon or a structured floral print dress. For your more casual attire you can go for a look that is a bit playful by mixing and matching stripes and florals in the same color family.

Wearing Florals In Your 40s

In your 40s your florals need to be a bit more refined. Think smaller prints, less multicolor, and ensure everything is about flattering your figure. Many florals don’t look like florals from afar, such as a mini print blouse that you layer under your cardigan or blazer. As mentioned above, a pair of floral heels is a fun way to make an otherwise neutral outfit pop. Play with contrast too, a navy dress with a white floral print can elevate your look. A black and white A-line or pleated skirt with a crisp white button-down can look sleek and professional.

 Wearing Florals In Your 50s And Beyond

 In your 50s and beyond, not much changes from how to select your floral prints in your 40s, but cut, quality, and structure is more important now than ever. In fact, these are the key components to looking polished, or  we might look older than we feel. If a dress or blouse doesn’t have the structure built-in, slide a smoothing or lifting garment on underneath.

 Last but not least, if you aren’t naturally drawn to florals don’t force it. Opt for prints that you don’t immediately recognize as floral, like an abstract, watercolor-effect, or mini print. No matter what you are shopping for always invest in items that make you feel beautiful and confident!   

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