Must have beauty tips for every woman over 40

 I want to share with you today is my two favorite, makeup routines for women over 40.

One of the things I find that as you age, I don't know if any of you ladies over 40 have experienced this., maybe even over 30. Is it your lips start getting smaller and if any of you have had lip injections, you know, that that hurts like H***!  I find it so painful to get lip injections. I do get Botox and a little filler, but I find lip injections makes my skin crawl. I can't stand it


First, I line my lips. I use Mac, the color spice, which is a very, warm tone lip liner, which works really great with my skin tone because I have yellow undertones. It's very complimentary.


Then after lining and filling in my lips I use my favorite over 40 trick called Pillow Plump. It is called a sexy mother pucker.  I like this nude shade because it fits my coloring, but they have other colors I am sure you will love too.  I put this lip gloss over my filled in lip lined lips – beware it does have that stinging, plumping effect, but it really does work and I love it. There is another product called City lips that I'm looking forward to trying because they say that they actually semi-permanently plumps your lips if you got the crepe lines or thin lips. If you use it regularly their claim is City Lips will actually increase the Collagen in your lips and make them plump.  This is definitely purely cosmetic, but it will have a little fattening of fact.  I think that these lip glosses give you just enough of a pout, especially for women with thinner lips and it doesn't make you look like duck lips.


My next anti-aging tip is when you use powders you want to add this.  I find the older you get a lot of powders will sink into crevices and lines and accentuate them.  Nobody wants that. No one wants to make their wrinkles look more accentuated. We're all trying to tone that down. Every single time I finished with my makeup routine, and this is my number one favorite, favorite thing to do to make my skin look moist and dewy, not shiny or greasy, is I use a finishing spray.

I love Clinique moisture surge. I'll finish my whole makeup routine and then I will spray pretty heavily all over my whole face. You want to let it set and dry.  Nyx even makes a great setting spray. Occasionally I'll even do water and a few drops of lavender-  for my organic days. I'll reuse a spray bottle and I'll fill it with water and put a couple drops of lavender oil, or any kind of essential oil that is good for your skin.


I like to take a mini one in my purse during the day because it's a nice refresher, especially if you have to re powder during the day and you're like, oh, I'm looking chalky again. You can spray it, and it refreshes your skin. It's a little wake up. It feels good.


To recap, my two favorites over 40. Skin or makeup routine is some sort of lip plumper. I love giving my lips a little bit of a pout because again, lip fillers are painful, they're expensive, they're permanent, and sometimes it can get overdone. But full lips look youthful. So, to get my little pal - pillow plump at Walgreens.

My second favorite is some kind of hydrating spray at the very end of your makeup routine or as a refresher during the day. Helps the skin look hydrated.


So, hope you enjoyed these quick over 40 tricks.


Tara Hooper
Personal image and professional consultant. Effective communicator. Transformation queen. Confidence creator. 

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