No Bras, Flat Tummies, and Booty lifting- Oh MY!

WE ARE FRIENDS, daughters, sisters, caretakers, mothers, wives, aunts and breadwinners. Each and every one of us are on the same TEAM. Busy, beautiful and brave every day. Women who believe in themselves, in each other, bound together by a ribbon of connection. That is the essence of how Ruby Ribbon started and why I love this company and their products.

We deserve to look fashionable and to be comfortable while doing it. I believe that no woman should ever make a trade-off between comfort and a gorgeous appearance. Clothing that fits, lifts and supports can positively impact the most beautiful of things: your confidence. Each product showcased in my video is either one of my personal favorites that I wear or ones I recommend to my personal styling clients.

These products from Ruby Ribbon will smooth those trouble spots such as a tummy, the infamous “back fat” and it can even lift your tush! The camis can replace your bra and give you all the support you need and not dig into your shoulders. Ruby Ribbon smooths you in all the right places but also keeps you cool, with their moisture wicking technology. Their line of clothing actually builds the shape wear right into the waistline of adorable fashion forward pants and leggings. Who knew getting dressed could be so easy, functional and fashionable!

My first recommendation to any wardrobe is the V-Neck slip, great to wear under most dresses. It will add to your confidence when you walk in the door with your curves smoothed in all the right places. The ultimate in chic style are the denim leggings. Great to pair under any winter sweater or summer tunic. These are a must have and my personal all-time favorite!

A more traditional style pant with that secret built in tummy slimming is the Ponte pant. It comes in several styles and cuts. For you ladies with larger busts that hate wearing a bra the Demi Cami bralette is the answer, it gives you the same support without the dreadful straps digging in.

To see my favorite slimming styles, enjoy this quick video. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or styling advice.

Tara Hooper
Personal image and professional consultant. Effective communicator. Transformation queen. Confidence creator. 

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