The 6 Wearabilty Factors

Have you ever struggled with what to wear?

If you haven’t, check the mirror, you may just be an unicorn! Seriously, though, we all have struggled with what to wear at some point in our life. You know the feeling, your closet may be bursting at the seams, and yet you stand there, a pile of discards on the floor feeling like NOTHING is just right.

If the clothes in your wardrobe are not making you look and feel fabulous, then you owe it to yourself to discover those that do.

My latest blog post gives you a little heads up on the six the factors that make an outfit, accessory or garment an asset to your style and wardrobe. I’ll call these the Six Wearability Factors.


There’s a reason t-shirts and yoga pants are our goto loungewear… they’re typically cotton - which breathes and they have a little give - which allows us to move freely. Now we can’t wear athleisure to the office but we don’t have to be uncomfortable. Think about what you’re wearing to the office, or for a night out on the town, or even just running errands, you want something that you can put on and forget you’re wearing until it's time to take it off in the evening. Uncomfortable clothes are a bane on existence and deserve no place in your wardrobe


Let’s face it, none of us wants to be running back-and-forth to the dry cleaner’s every week. Many factors affect a garment's ease of upkeep and the ability to keep it clean. White and light colours can show grime on only one wear, while dark colours can fade. Look for fabrics that have an elegance to them but do not require expensive cleaning. Many synthetics wear amazing and yet are wash and wear.  So consider the material you choose wisely and save the drycleaning for those special occasion pieces.  


When you dress in a way that is authentic with your personality you free yourself to be yourself.

No matter if your style is classic or creative, dramatic or elegant, creative or feminine when you dress to your style and adapt it as necessary to the occasions in your life, you'll find yourself feeling more and more confident with your look and actions.

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You know what I mean...wearing clothes that work well for the occasion, the work at hand and most importantly YOU. Case in point is this outfit. Those are literally 'killer' shoes. They're gorgeous, of course, but how long can you really wear them before being crippled. If you can't, move, bend, breath or walk in anything, do you really need it in your life? I for one, do not need itchy, scratchy, squeezy, pinchy anything!


What's fine for a 20-something to wear to a club; is likely, not appropriate to wear to the office Monday morning. Knowing when and where it's appropriate to wear garments, lengths and depths not only shows self-awareness but also respect for others. It's always wise to be sensitive to the effect you create and the way you wish to be perceived by others. Aim to always turn heads for the right reason.

Fit & Foundation

The last element in my wearability series is FIT. This photo says it all. When garments don't fit the result is frightful. You don't know where to look even though the VIP is screaming "look at me". Of course garments too loose can make you look like an old bag. Either way, your image will suffer and people will talk. Good fit is stylish - end of story. It's another sound reason to strive to turn heads for the right reason.

If you’d like to learn how to look and feel your best every day, discover what suits you best from tip to toe, office to play, and everything in between AND how to best coordinate them into figure-flattering outfits, book your personal style consultation. Click here to book your time.


Tara Hooper
Personal image and professional consultant. Effective communicator. Transformation queen. Confidence creator. 

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