The Impact of Color Part 1

Costume designers skillfully create the exact look for each individual character. So much so that within a few seconds and without the actor uttering a single word you already know a great deal about the character they are about to play. Young, old, wealthy, poor, influential, unimportant, intelligent, dull, healthy, ill, sophisticated, artistic, sinister, immature...the list goes on and on.

Likewise, these same techniques are today used in courtrooms and by those who set their goals on being an influencer.  

While some information is gleaned from their surroundings much of it comes from how the actor is dressed and groomed.

Color is one of the most important elements of image management.

Here is part 1 of how by combining certain colors via garment and/or accessories you can create moods that will help you achieve specific impressions.

#1. FEMININE, YOUTHFUL: Combine garments of primarily light hues and add accessories in hues of a similar value/depth. NOTE: The more these hues lean toward pastels and muted Colors the more innocent and delicate you will appear to be. Light warm colors are more youthful than light cool colors.    

#2. POWERFUL, WEALTHY, CONFIDENT: Combine garments of medium depth cool hues with garments or accessories that are dark.

#3. INSPIRED, CREATIVE, CONFIDENT: Combine light-colored garments with garments or accessories that are bright.

If you would like to take more control over how others perceive you and find the joy in dressing your best every day, then please reach out to me.

I can:

1 Help you find the styles and Colors you'll love and will love you back.  

2 Turn your closet into a place of inspiration and versatility.

3 Make every fashion purchase one that is worthy of you and your spend.

4 Turn heads for all the right reasons.

Reach out to me in a  let's see how we can work together.


Tara Hooper
Personal image and professional consultant. Effective communicator. Transformation queen. Confidence creator. 

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