Top Seven Trends for Spring 2020

Let’s talk trends! Spring 2020 fashion trends are playful and modern, and we don’t want you to miss a thing. So The Style Signature is here to take you through the 7 top trends of the season.


From swimwear to tops and shorts, crochet is back in a big way. And we’re not talking about your grandmother’s crochet! If you just want to dip a toe into the first of our fashion trends, try pairing a crochet blouse with jeans or slacks. Our go-to look is a crochet top with a cami underneath, skinny jeans and espadrilles.

70’s Retro

Bell bottoms are back! This spring’s bell bottom has a high waist instead of that super low rise from the ’90s. High waist cuts flatter your figure by holding in your stomach and lengthening your leg line. (See jeans below) Along with bell bottoms, 70’s inspired prints are doing a groovy walk down the runway. Try mixing a printed top with a toned-down pant, or vice versa. To add prints in a subtle way, throw on a fun scarf or patterned shoes.


Denim. While we know this is normally a wardrobe staple, this spring denim is so much more! Denim and 70s retro become two trends in one with high waisted bell bottom jeans popping upstore fronts windows everywhere. Bell bottoms are pitch perfect when paired with a pointed toe or espadrille, but avoid rounded toes.

Don’t think this trend stops with jeans! You’ll want to check out denim dresses, jackets, and tops.They come faded and distressed, as well as embellished. Find what works for you, and have fun with it — it’s denim after all. And just a reminder: spending money on a few pairs of quality jeans is a must. If you only have one pair of jeans in your wardrobe, go for the dark denim because it transitions easily form desk to discotheque.



Another staple, blazers are so very in for spring. The modern blazer has a boyfriend cut, so it’s longer and a bit boxier. Petite women will want to try this shape with a short, or even cropped, blazer! Single breasted blazers tend to be the most flattering. For added flair, find an interesting lapel. For added form, find a blazer that nips in at the waist.



Forget fall, leather is a spring thing this season. You’ll see lots of leather detailing, as well as pigmented leather pieces. Vegans and cruelty-free shoppers, have no fear there are plenty of faux leather options for you as well. So everyone can add a razor-thin edge to their outfit with a leather jacket. For a more feminine look, pair your leather jacket with a floral dress and sneakers. Maybe you want to go more rocker chic? Add your leather jacket to jeans and a floral top. Spring’s modern leather, both natural and vegan, is soft, thin and pliable.  Again, if you want to try this trend out before fully buying in, just incorporate a nice leather belt or pair of leather shoes.

The White Suit

The new relaxed take on the white suit is very trendy for spring. To make this relaxed fit work well, tailoring is important. Check to be sure that the arm and leg lengths are correct and that the waist is fitted. Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of finding a white suit that’s lined and made of a thick, quality fabric to hang just so. And to complete the look, try an off-white top to hit that modern monochromatic note. Bottom line, a white suit shows you at your most chic, whether at cocktail hour or corporate event.


Florals? For spring?Groundbreaking! Well, even Miranda Priestly would approve of these florals:this spring’s florals are sophisticated! The prints are elegant and mature, and the colors are polished. Think Ted Baker, a brand that does mature florals perfectly. You’ll find florals on any number of fashion items. Play it safe by pairing your floral print with a solid pieces. We recommend a simple floral blouse, scarf, or even shoes!

Bonus Trend: Color

Spring is THE season to get in touch with your playful side, so pull out your pigment palette and let go! Bright colors are super trendy, and neon is still hot! Be sure to compliment your skin tone and hair color with your color choices — check out our guide to matching color and complexion. And you can never go wrong when matching an item with your eye color. If you’re still not sure where to start with color, start with turquoise. Turquoise is a universal color that looks good on everyone.



Tara Hooper
Personal image and professional consultant. Effective communicator. Transformation queen. Confidence creator. 

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