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New year, New you, New wardrobe!

Not only is it the start of a new year, it is the start of a new decade!  Now that the hectic holiday season is behind us, we can shift the focus back to ourselves a little.  Whether you set new year’s resolutions or not, a great goal to set for yourself at the beginning of the year is to maximize your wardrobe.  This means purging your closet of items that you haven’t worn in a while and adding items that can be worn many ways and numerous times.

In order to maximize your wardrobe, you want to make sure the item is worth the purchase.  It’s fun to splurge on something unique that you might only wear a handful of times but not cost effective to buy too many of these items. An easy way to decide if an item is worth the purchase is to figure out the cost per wear.  You do this by dividing the dollar amount of the item by how many times you think you will wear the item.  Let’s say you are looking at a pair of denim jeans that cost $200.  If you wear them twice a month for two years, it comes out to a little over $8 per wear.  That seems pretty reasonable considering most of us wear our favorite jeans at least once a week which would cut that number in half.  Let’s say you are looking at a blouse covered in rhinestones that cost $150.  An item like this you may only wear a couple times of year coming to over $37 per wear in a two-year period.

The cost per wear method seems straight forward and easy but there are a few things to keep in mind.  Try to be as realistic as you can about the number of times you are going to wear the item.  When we are feeling impulsive, we may embellish the number of times we expect to wear the item.  Make sure to inspect the quality of the item and look at what materials it is made of.  If it is a low-quality item, you won’t get as many wears out of it.  If the item requires dry cleaning or specialized cleaning, that is going to add to the cost per wear. See Wardrobe Waste Calculator Below

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to maximize your wardrobe is to beware of trends!  In the current era of fast fashion, it’s easy to buy into trends.  Before you spend a large amount on a “trendy” item, try to think about whether you will still be wearing the item in one year.  Trends come and go very quickly.  Very few trends become classics.  It is much better to have a decent number of classic items in your wardrobe than to have a closet full of trends that are long gone.

Purging your clothing and accessories is important to do not only for organizational purposes but also so you can see and access all the items you have and do use.  It is recommended that you get rid of any items that you have not worn in 2 years.  Inspect your items for tears, stains, missing buttons/embellishments and discard anything that cannot be easily fixed.  You can donate any clothing and accessories you do not wear anymore or sell/consign items if they are still in decent condition.

Do you need help purging and maximizing your wardrobe?  Book a personal shopping session or personal image package with The Style Signature to help assist in your quest for a new year, new you, new wardrobe! We also provide virtual consultations if you do not live in the Dallas area!



Wardrobe Waste Calculator

The Style Signature’s website has its own “Wardrobe Waste Calculator”.  This gives you an overall result of the items you are maximizing.  Click the link below to get your results!


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